Tuesday, June 7


Well, I love him. So, I accept him, again. It's hard, but i'll try. And now, I'm still trying. I Love You Baby.

Meeting you guys felt like I'm in heaven. I love you guys so much baby! 3 and a half hour was so not enough for me. Thanks for listening to me. It means everything.I'll save more stuff to tell once we meet again. Muahh :*

Stay healthy. Don't cry to much. Be happy with your life. Study hard baby. I'll love you now and always <3

Be strong. Laugh a lot. Study hard - 8A's baby. I love you damn much sayang <3

1 comment:

  1. Oh damn, I miss you so much Mra <3
    Anyway thanks baby for the advise.
    I'll try my best for PMR