Saturday, March 3


Hai Hello Assalamualaikum :)

Sorry for the long silence. Arggghhhh! Miss my blog. I Love You Blog *inloveface. Hahaha. Nonsence je. So mcmni lah, I just tell you guys yg best best punya cerita jelah kay :)

From February:
  • Get to meet Sarah hrtu like I told you guys, 4th of February
  • Celebrate Aiman, Sarah, Nurul&Hanna's birthday earlier
  • I won the School Road Run - 3rd place *hehehe
  • Very busy with everything's going on at the same time
  • I found my personality&my own way of dressing up *gayface
  • Felt good about myself& I got my self-confidence back
Okay that's all. Boii