Monday, December 31


Err hai hello :)

Time flies so fast. Today is the 31st of December 2012 so tomorrow will be the first day of 2013. 2012 has been a great year for me. The memories the moments and everything I've been through to get this far in my life. SPM is coming really soon so I guess I must be ready for everything. I can sense that 2013 is gonna be a tough year for me with this and that going on around me but I'll survive, you know I will. I've been planning to write a summary about 2012 so here it is:

Girl's fight- responsibility;increasing -maturity-boyfriend;succeed - samsung galaxy - Kpop - RUSSIA;favourite memories - sister's graduation - seniors;amazing - gangnam style - call me maybe - Rohingians - Obama won - Palestine saved - AFF Suzuki Cup - 1D&Bieber zero grammy nominations - satisfying end-year result - friends complication - beauty and a beat - well spent holidays


For the upcoming year, I have some wishes and aim I want to achieve

  • Straight A's in SPM
  • Being a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister, a better girlf
  • Stop judging and start thinking
  • Save a lot more money than 2012
  • Walk the talk
  • Having fun in school
  • Won the netball game
  • Complete each and every single work I have
  • Accepting people for who they are
  • Stop complaining about stuff and start supporting
  • Be more creative and hardworking
  • Silence will be my bestfriend when I'm arguing
Guess that's it. So I hope for the best. I set very high expectations for myself. May Allah bless me and my loved ones and may Allah bless you readers. Amin :)

Saturday, December 15

It's been a while

Hello people :)

Feel like I'm new here since I've been missing from this blog for a very very long time. Hehe sorry *eyelash

So, as you guys know, I've been facing sooooooo much challenges in 2012. I can even do a summary for 2012 but I decided to post it on new year. So, how are you guys doing? I'm fine..............I guess. I'm gonna update my blog every now&then when I have stories to tell. You guys know I will. For now, nothing to be told. So see ya later

xx Mira

Saturday, March 3


Hai Hello Assalamualaikum :)

Sorry for the long silence. Arggghhhh! Miss my blog. I Love You Blog *inloveface. Hahaha. Nonsence je. So mcmni lah, I just tell you guys yg best best punya cerita jelah kay :)

From February:
  • Get to meet Sarah hrtu like I told you guys, 4th of February
  • Celebrate Aiman, Sarah, Nurul&Hanna's birthday earlier
  • I won the School Road Run - 3rd place *hehehe
  • Very busy with everything's going on at the same time
  • I found my personality&my own way of dressing up *gayface
  • Felt good about myself& I got my self-confidence back
Okay that's all. Boii

Monday, January 23

Still counting

4th of February 2012

Not today's date. Yes, I know.

The reason I wrote that so that I can always count how many days left until we can meet Sarah. Its 11days to go. Awww, I miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy *just like lagu lama yg taksedap tu. Hehe.

Sarah: Aku tahu kau rindu aku jgk ennnn :P hehe. Nanti kita jumpa kay. Muah muah! :*