Saturday, December 31

Dear people,

Did you know,
The rudest person can be very nice sometimes& the nicest person can be very rude sometimes. Think about it ;)

                                                                                                                           LOL, Mira

Wednesday, December 28


Dear people,

Sorry for the long silence. I had some thinking to do. So, I've been thinking about my blog every single day& how I would post in it. I would really like to continue like this just less formal. How about that? :) You'll love it.

Look, I do not know what to write about. It has been a week I think? & I still do not have any idea. *Sorry Sarah ;) When I have my idea later, I'll post something. Okay peeps? *Kisses

                                                                                                                            LOL, Mira

Thursday, December 22

Again, Letter

Dear L.O.V.E,

I miss you a lot. Where have you been? Happiness come&go in a blink of an eye. I wish you're here with me all the time. So that me&him wouldn't be this hard on each other. Please do not leave us. It will be very hard to continue this relationship without you.

                                                                                                                       Still Praying, Mira


Dear people,

Today is 22nd of December 2011 & I have recieved my result. Alhamdulillah, with Allah S.W.T wills, I got I want, what I aim for. Thank God. I'm very happy. Thank you for those who prayed for me, I couldn't be anymore thankful to you guys. Teachers, parents, bffs, friends. Thank you so much :)

                                                                                                                                LOL, Mira


Dear people,

I promised you pictures for yesterday. So, this is all I can show ;)

                                                                                                                                   LOL, Mira

Wednesday, December 21

Between Heaven&Hell

Dear people,

I'll be taking my PMR slip tomorrow. It's frightening. It's scary alright. Pray for me&my friends please. I just hope we can get want we want. That is Straight A's. Amin! InsyaAllah. Goodnight people.

                                                                                                                              LOL, Mira

p/s: If I wrote in English, it doesn't mean I forget my language. I still speak in Malay. Thank you.

Bowl the ball

Dear people,

Yes, I'm going to post everything in this way after this, thank you for asking.

I went bowling today with Batrisyia, Ras Adiba, Amira Aqilah, Aiman&Safwan. Yes, it was a blast. Thank you guys. Hanna couldn't make it because she's at a camp. I'm not sure what the camp is for, but yes, its a camp. I wish Sarah could be there too, but as you know, she's at Sabah. It's impossible for her to come. But even though she's here, she still can't join us. Nurul was at Wangsa Walk too I believe but she didn't tell me so I didn't know. *How could you Nurul. 

At first, we played arcade games while waiting for the boys to arrive. They're late. Very late. But its fine for me. Its enough that they're there. We registered for our name at the bowling& we were number 12 but it took 1 hour to wait before playing. I went in last place for the 1st game, Ras won the 1st game. *Congrats Ras. I went 2nd place for the 2nd game, Aqilah won the 2nd game. *Congrats Qila. We can play again next time :)

I took pictures, not that much but there are some. I'll post it tomorrow. Okay? Thank you for reading.

                                                                                                              LOL, Mira

Monday, December 19

The light

Dear people,

Have you ever see me wear 'tudung'? If yes, that's good. I like seeing me wearing 'tudung' as well. Last time, it was on 7 December, I saw how Batrisyia wears her 'tudung' at my house. Its unique. It's something. Yeah, beautiful. I'm thinking about wearing 'tudung' every single day. When I saw someone wearing it, I'd be judging. Not judging her, but how she wears it. Sometimes I think that I should wear one. Aiman loves it when I'm wearing 'tudung'. But then, I'm still not sure. For me, if I want to wear it, it will be from my heart. & I wouldn't wear long tights or short sleeves shirt. I'd be wearing it with blouses, long sleeves tshirts, long dresses, long skirt& maybe baju kurung for Friday. That would be nice.

Things that I really hate is when people judge me just because I don't wear any 'tudung'. You know, if you're wearing one&still judging me, its not really like you wear one. My advice, if you're wearing a 'tudung', your heart should be nice. Then only it'll work. You can trust me about that.

You must be thinking why would I write these things in my blog. Well, its because I can't call everyone&tell this. That's why I wrote this. One day maybe, if I keep praying for my best, I know I will turn out just fine in being a 'Muslimah'. So, don't judge for who I am right now.

                                                                                                                       LOL, Miraa

Do not need any title

Dear people,

Do you know how hard it is to let go of your loved ones? If you do, good for you. I'm facing so much difficulty in accepting situations nowadays. & I don't like that feeling. It makes me sick. I tried to spent my everyday life by doing something that could distract me from thinking. But then every night I realise how hard it is to forget things when I know that I have to face it now&then.

About three days ago, I called Sarah. She said that she will move to Sabah next year. She'll be staying there for two years maybe. Yes, I cied. But it took a very long time for me to cry. You know why? Because at first, I thought it wouldn't be that hard. Then I went and tell my mother about it. A few minutes later, I cried because I realise it would very hard to be away from a friend whom you really love. Plus, she's moving to Borneo Island. That is damn far. I know she wouldn't want to go there. But she had to.

After that, I spent my time thinking about it over and over again. I said to myself that I have to move on. It will be only 2 years period then I'll be studying in Universities and I'll find new friends. But yes, it is still hard for me. Next year, Aiman is not going to be there with me too. He's working everyday while waiting for his result. So it's impossible for him to meet me everytime. That makes me very very sad. Thank God I still have Nurul, Hanna, Aqilah&Fit. But then, how do I know that they would never leave?

All I want for next year is just to have a friend by my side. I hope that they will stay with me there. But if they don't, then I'll just have to live my life. It seems simple&easy. But trust me, its definitely not.

                                                                                                                                  LOL, Amira

Saturday, December 17


Okay, result PMR yg bakal keluar next Thursday bersamaan 22hb Disember 2011, memang telah beri saya ketakutan yg sgt dasyat. OHMYGOD, huh :| *notinthemoodtosmile

Cherished moments

I want to keep every cherish moment that I had with my beloved. So I decided to print all the photos that I had taken when I'm with them & I will treasure it in my album. For that, I can always remember that their love&memories had never fade away from my life. 

I love all of you guys with all my heart. Thank you for being there with anytime anywhere. *Hearts&Kisses

Friday, December 16

Batrisyia Q

Thanks for the day babe. Enjoy kannnn? Hehe, tp tak dpt pulak bergambar kannnn. Takpelah. Next time kita main ramai ramai kay. Love you <3

A Aqilah

Mcm ada benda act nk ckp kau. Tp taktahu nk mula dr mana. Sbb aku tahu kalau aku mulakan pun, kau diam je kan? Ntahlah. Tgklah nanti mcm mana. K, Love you :*


Thanks for the 2 years 6 months. Love you always b <3


Lama-lama, jd tak ada mood terus aku nak masuk sekolah. Wtv

Wednesday, December 14

This one thing

Next week result keluar.Yg org sibuk tanya ialah, "taknak pindah ke tahun dpn?". Memanglah, semua kwnkwn saya pindah. Then? Kenapa kena pindah jugak? Banyak sebab saya tkmahu pindah, tp tak perlulah kongsi kay. Better if I keep it to myself. Maybe org org yg nak pindah tu, tak pernah ada cikgu ckp dkt dorang apapa kot, so fine. Do whatever you wish. I can't force you to stay here with me right? So apa guna ckp? Tp yelah, geram.

Maybe not everyone knows, yang saya mmg tak pandai bergaul. Jadi mencari seorang kwn perempuan merupakan satu masalah besar bg saya okay. Sbb perempuan ni, sensitif. Dahlah sensitif, suka ckp belakang pulak tu. "Hey Amira, kau tu ckp psl perempuan, hbs kau tu apa? lelaki sgt ke?". Tlg jgn ckp saya cuba jd lelaki. Jd perempuan lg baik kot. Mmg saya pun sensitif, saya pun ckp belakang. Saya mengaku okay. Meh angkat tgn perempuan mana yg takckp belakang? Everybody makes mistakes. We forgive&forget. But as for friends, we need people that doesn't betray you& that will be there for you anytime anywhere. That's the only reason why I have only 7girlfriends &yang selebihnya hanya rakan. Note that.

Jadi, konklusinya di sini, saya sbenarnya sedih hampa geram marah semuanya sekali. I don't know lah. Mak saya selalu pesan, "Hidup kita kena penuh dgn kwn supaya taksunyi.". Jd sekarang bgthu saya mcm mana saya nk penuhkan hidup ni dgn kwn kalau kwn saya semua kena& ada yg terpaksa pindah? Mcm mana nk buat kwn baru kalau bdk bdk perempuan selalu semua judge kita dr luar je tp takcuba utk kenal kita betul betul? Tell me how. I'm not gonna move out from that school I tell ya. Not now not ever. I'm fine with that school. Kalau rezeki saya, Allah anugerahkan 8A kepada saya, kenapa nak pindah? Sedangkan 8A tu dtg daripada cikgu cikgu saya yang berada di sekolah tu, bkn cikgu daripada sekolah asrama. So, think wisely okay. Good Day

Friday, December 9

Historical Trail Hunt

Esok - Sabtu, 10 December 2011
Company abah ada buat treasure. Saya punya teruja, tak terkata okay. Sbbnya, dah 4 tahun company abah tak buat treasure hunt. Trust me, memang best okay. So tgk ni. Baju, topi, tulip&car sticker. 

Sorrylah kecik sikit. Hehe. 
Doakan yeam kami mng kay :)

Amira Aqilah Zulkopli *Hearts&Kisses

Happy Birthday baby <3
Sayang kau okay. Kita kwn dh lama gila. Have a great new year. Baru masuk 15tahun b aku ni. Hahaha :D takpe, muda muda kan bagus. Jaga diri elok elok k. I'm always here for you babe. Take care, love you *winkwink

Wednesday, December 7


Today - 3..

Harini kannnn, pergi tk wayang :) cerita Breaking Dawn. Okay, saya thu semua org sibuk tgk cerita Ombak Rindu, but entahlah. That's not my cup of tea. So saya Hanna Batrisyia smpai awl. Tunggu Aiman dgn Nye. Nye pulak buat pfffftt dtg lmbat. So Aiman smpai dlu. Wayang start 1.15pm, tp Aiman smpai pkul 1.20pm. Nasib baik masa msuk tu movie blum start. Hanna dgn Bat tggu Nye dtg. Agk agk dh sampai setengah movie bru dorang masuk. Tp takpelah.

Lps wayang, ktorg pergi main bowling. Okay, saya tak pernah main bowling selama 15 tahun hidup. Ni first time k. Mmg lah agk kuno, tp lek ah babe. Haha. Masa mula mula tu menggigil lah jgk. Then Aiman yg mainkan. Hehe, tp lpstu terror okayyyyyyyyyy :D

Mmg had fun lah td. Tak sangka boleh mcm ni harini. Lega sgt dpt jmp my Man <3 huhhh
Sayang korg yg pergi td dgn aku. Hehe, muah!

Sunday, December 4

They don't know

  • Yes, they don't know how it felt about missing someone really really bad. Trust me they don't.
  • They too don't know how hurt I am because all they care is about their guy
  • They don't know how worry I am to be in school next year because I know I'm going to end up all alone
  • They don't know how much I miss them because they never text me
  • They don't know how I struggle so much to meet my man
  • They don't know that I still love them eventhough I'm hurt
  • They just don't know anything do they?
  • Thats why I need to scream out loud
  • But I'm sure that one day, they will know these things
  • And they will understand
  • Then only they will realize how important is our friendship 
  • And they will love me as much as I love them ;)
  • Yeah, I know they will
  • Goodnight all


Rindu Sarah lah :( tak dapat nk gayut dk phone dkt dia bila dia prg China ni. Perggghhh boring gila. Tak dapat nk mengadu, tak dapat nk dgr dia mengadu. Okay, dia satu-satunya kwn saya antara 7orang yg paling rajin contact dgn saya. Tu yg syokkkkkkkkk tu bila dia call. Hmm, balik lah cepat do. Rindu :(

Friday, December 2


Haha, kelakar do tajuk tu kalau engkorang sebut dgn penuh perasaan :D Okay, saya tahu Aiman takrindu saya, tp takpe, saya tetap rindu Aiman sgt k. Tp tu takda kena mengena dgn perkara yg nk diceritakan di sini. Smlm, saya kemas meja belajar saya yg begitu penuh dgn buku form3 tu. Tp tetap ada byk kt ats meja tu. Saya mmg suka simpan buku conteng, haha, fhmfhm lah k perempuan. Bila emo, mesti mau tulis kan? So ada satu buku conteng saya ni, dr saya form1, bkn main byk contengan, jalan kira Maths pun ada okay. Haha, kelakar. Then saya bukak page pertama. Ada lukisan saya ;) Saya ni suka melukis. Then tepi tu kannnn ada tulis ayat ni:

" Life would be just fine if we stop arrange it" &
"Unless you make an effort to connect, love could slide"

Then saya mcm.............. "Haha, comel pulak aku ni dulu". Dulu suka kumpul ayat ayat mcm tu. Byk lagi act dlm buku yg #Hanna Ishak pegang. Buku hitam Hanna panggil. Haha. Tu je nak ckp act. Understand those words, it will help you to survive love&life man. Trust me. K lah, byee.

The one&only Alissa

Kenapa Alissa? Saja, sbb dia suka org panggil dia Lissa. Haha, gedik. Sarah, have a nice trip to Hong Kong&China yeah. Jgn lupa aku nk spect yg ada telinga Mickey tu :D Hehe, takda lah. Gurau je. Have fun k. Nti balik sini balik, give me a call before you fly to Sabah pulak. Yelah nanti tak jumpa sebulan :( Rindu okay. Nanti masuk sekolah kite jumpa k. Result kau, its okay, mesti kitorang dpt thu punya lah, hehe. Nanti aku call kau kay bila kau dkt Sabah. Take care babe. Kirim salam dkt your parents, adik, baby & darling k. Saja nk sebut satusatu *winkwink. I love you S <3

Thursday, December 1

The Stars&The Sky

What is my wish? Straight A's for my PMR result :)