Monday, December 31


Err hai hello :)

Time flies so fast. Today is the 31st of December 2012 so tomorrow will be the first day of 2013. 2012 has been a great year for me. The memories the moments and everything I've been through to get this far in my life. SPM is coming really soon so I guess I must be ready for everything. I can sense that 2013 is gonna be a tough year for me with this and that going on around me but I'll survive, you know I will. I've been planning to write a summary about 2012 so here it is:

Girl's fight- responsibility;increasing -maturity-boyfriend;succeed - samsung galaxy - Kpop - RUSSIA;favourite memories - sister's graduation - seniors;amazing - gangnam style - call me maybe - Rohingians - Obama won - Palestine saved - AFF Suzuki Cup - 1D&Bieber zero grammy nominations - satisfying end-year result - friends complication - beauty and a beat - well spent holidays


For the upcoming year, I have some wishes and aim I want to achieve

  • Straight A's in SPM
  • Being a better friend, a better daughter, a better sister, a better girlf
  • Stop judging and start thinking
  • Save a lot more money than 2012
  • Walk the talk
  • Having fun in school
  • Won the netball game
  • Complete each and every single work I have
  • Accepting people for who they are
  • Stop complaining about stuff and start supporting
  • Be more creative and hardworking
  • Silence will be my bestfriend when I'm arguing
Guess that's it. So I hope for the best. I set very high expectations for myself. May Allah bless me and my loved ones and may Allah bless you readers. Amin :)

Saturday, December 15

It's been a while

Hello people :)

Feel like I'm new here since I've been missing from this blog for a very very long time. Hehe sorry *eyelash

So, as you guys know, I've been facing sooooooo much challenges in 2012. I can even do a summary for 2012 but I decided to post it on new year. So, how are you guys doing? I'm fine..............I guess. I'm gonna update my blog every now&then when I have stories to tell. You guys know I will. For now, nothing to be told. So see ya later

xx Mira

Saturday, March 3


Hai Hello Assalamualaikum :)

Sorry for the long silence. Arggghhhh! Miss my blog. I Love You Blog *inloveface. Hahaha. Nonsence je. So mcmni lah, I just tell you guys yg best best punya cerita jelah kay :)

From February:
  • Get to meet Sarah hrtu like I told you guys, 4th of February
  • Celebrate Aiman, Sarah, Nurul&Hanna's birthday earlier
  • I won the School Road Run - 3rd place *hehehe
  • Very busy with everything's going on at the same time
  • I found my personality&my own way of dressing up *gayface
  • Felt good about myself& I got my self-confidence back
Okay that's all. Boii

Monday, January 23

Still counting

4th of February 2012

Not today's date. Yes, I know.

The reason I wrote that so that I can always count how many days left until we can meet Sarah. Its 11days to go. Awww, I miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy *just like lagu lama yg taksedap tu. Hehe.

Sarah: Aku tahu kau rindu aku jgk ennnn :P hehe. Nanti kita jumpa kay. Muah muah! :*

Monday, January 16


Hello :)

Okay, school has been already two weeks. Let me tell you something. Biology is okay --' Chemistry is my favourite. Physics is ........ *well you know, physics is physics &Add Math is very fun :) That's my opinion. I don't know whats yours.

So, netball training will start after Chinese New Year school break. Can't wait man :D Sports training already started this week. Yes, I like sports, but darn I'm very lazy to go training. It's not like I'm going to be here during Sports Day this year right? So why bother? Huhhhh.

I just want to concentrate on my studies&netball :) &how about volley ball too. Hehe *Amira jgn tamak sgt :D I also want to participate in Kawad Kaki for Kadet Polis this year. That if there is a team, if there isn't, so I guess I have to foget about that.

I hope its going to be an incredible year this year. I hope we can do better in netball this year. Not winning is okay. At least we must try. I also pray for the best in my studies. Very scared. But then I'm sure it's going to be just fine.

Good Day :)


Yo :)

So, wondering apa yg WOW sgt? WOW is not an impression or expression of my feelings right now. WOW is a community of ladies rider :) Oh yeah baby. WOW stands for Women On Wheels. They are freaking cool man! There are women from all over the world sometimes join this community. This is a community of Malaysian ladies rider. But then, still, every lady rider from all over the world is invited to join this community activities.

Since I'm a HUGE fan of bikes, I thought that maybe one day when I already bought a bike that I really love, I will join this community :) Oh hopefully, InsyaAllah. Hee, that's all. Byee

Sunday, January 8

Title the Untitled

Dear people, boys&girls, ladies&gentlemen,

How are you guys? I'm fine too :) So, it has been a while since I'd post anything. Very sorry for the silence.  I decided that I'm not going to continue my posting this way. If I want to write this way then I will, if I don't then I won't.

So, let me start my writing.
2012. I became a sixteen-year-old girl, hell yeah! haha :D I get into Science Stream class. It's 4Arif. First time we went to that class, dh mcm tungkang pecah okay --' sorry to say lah kan. It's a HUGE mess. But it's okay we understand, before leaving the school, we had a class party right? So it's forgiven. We cleaned up the class. After that there's this thing you did you know when you're choosing you Class Monitor. So, Khidir became our Class Monitor&Fathiah as his Asst. Monitor. Aqilah is voted to be the Treasurer &Bella The Head of Publicity&Cleanliness. So yeah that's it. I only became the AJK for P.Seni Visual since I'm very into art.

After that, recess time, bla bla bla, then we go home. Nothing much to write about my daily life actually. I repeat the same thing everyday, every week& every year since I'm in Standard 1 until next year.

It feels different without Sarah here with us this year&the other. But we just have to move on. Each&every one of us. Everybody has their life, &I believe everything that has happened is Allah's will. So I'm fine with it. I'm thinking of being better this year. There are things I didn't do for the past years, but I have to start doing it now since I'm getting bigger&wiser to think the best for myself.

So, I start reading newspapers. Don't be suprised, I'm not a big fan of reading okay. I tried to finish reading my novel by March this year. I'm trying to love my body, my skin, myself&take care of it very wisely. I try to speak&write in English more&more&more so that I can improve myself every now&then. I'll try my best to be the best person I can be, I need not for you to judge me so much. You can criticise me by saying it to my face, I'm gonna accept it sincerely. I have so much things to improve in myself&my life same as you do. Nobody's perfect. I think everyone is very fimiliar to that saying.

I'll wish the best everybody I know, especially for the ones I love. Doesn't matter if they ever did anything wrong or anything that hurts my feelings, I don't mind. I forgive&forget. I just have to start my everyday life with a smile&continue that with a laugh&end it with joy :)

                                                                                                                       xoxo, Miraa

Thursday, January 5

1st day of school,

Its different. Just don't know how to describe it. Okay. Different.

                                                                                                                      LOL, Mira

Monday, January 2

Its new yeah

Dear people,

As you know, today is 1st of January 2012. Happy New Year! :D 
I'm not that excited but every person must have new hopes&dreams every new year. That includes me. 

2011 is a very tough year. There's so much bittersweet memories to be left memories. And there's also so much moments to be cherished. I want to summarize my 2011. Please finish it when you start reading.

  • For the first time, 2011 is the year that I didn't have recess with my dearest Hanna Ishak
  • I asked Shafiqah to join us in recess because she doesn't have any friend
  • We became very close to Zairil Zaidi as he dated two of my friends *you know who
  • We have some hard times with Aqilah too especially Sarah
  • I got my position back in my netball team
  • Zairil, Fakri& Aiman went to see us at Cochrane but ended up going back to Danau Kota walking 
  • Sarah met Fahmi, and Aiman Rimi, and Afiq Ashraf, and that's all
  • Nurul broke up and finally met Shafiq :)
  • Aqilah met Danial, heheheheh :D
  • Sarah became the most attractive girl in tuition class
  • Our relationship with Batrisyia&Ras Adiba never abandoned
  • I got jealous so much in 2011, haha
  • I became a firstimer in going out with friends
  • I met Aiman about 3times in December 
  • We got news that Sarah's moving to Sabah :(
  • I got Straight A's in PMR, Alhamdulillah :)
  • I started my guitar class after PMR
  • Every single yesterdays, I pray for the next day will be just fine ;)

So that's it :) For this year, 2012, I hope everything's gonna turn out fine. I'm not ready yet, but I will be. Wish me luck!

                                                                                                                            LOL, Miraa