Sunday, December 26

Own Goods

So, my dad gave me rewards for my hard work this year so that I'll work harder next year for PMR. Those rewards would absolutely cure the pain in my heart. I'm really craving for these:

these awesome sneakers!
**yes I already had tones of them, but these cuties would defenitely make my day.

Polo T's
**suprisingly, I don't have any. I have lots of clothes, but none of these.

Slouch Hat
**I just want one. **winkwink

Yes there are all just simple items. Well, I just think that I already had everything I needed & these stuff are the only thing that I didn't have right now. Hee ;)

Friday, December 24

Yuna - Missing Star

I can’t never really tell you
Why i’ve been missing you a lot
And i just have to take another look
Of your photo in my wallet
And there’s no reason why
I keep your t-shirt by my side when i sleep
Return when you really gone
It’s like a missing star
That’s always been up in your sky
It’s like the rainbow never comes after the rain
It’s like the sun never rises in every of your mornings
How am i supposed to live without those things
There are all you

Thursday, December 16

The Big Thing

Today, 16th Dec 2010 ~
i do not know whats wrong with me lately till the worse thing happened to me. I FORGOT MY OWN ANNIVERSARY. i had a fight with him earlier yesterday. it didn't even pop out of my head that its going to be 16th after that.  sigh .......

i appologised so many times. i didn't know what to do. but then it turned out fine. after that i told him that i wanted to change. i told him so much, too much i guess.

i want him to let me be just like any other girl. i want him to overcome his jealousy. i decided that i will keep my words that i will be myself just slightly different. at first he said its okay. but then i called him & he said he can't accept me & my decision. it really broke my heart. but i didn't know if should cry or not.

but then i started to think, i can't live with his jealousy all the time & he cant live with my way of life. then what's next? the word "love" that he use to say, did he really mean it? & do i really love him like i did before? somehow, i had to find the answer myself......

** earlier, i watched this new drama "keabadian cinta". it was a very loving story. there was one scene where this makcik told cheryl samad "kalau cinta, apa pun masalah dapat diselesaikan". && there's also this one scene where a deaf guy learn brailles just to wrote a letter for a blind girl. & on that letter it says "cinta tak perlu mata, mulut ataupun telinga. cinta cuma perlukan hati". i was very touched.

until now, i cant figure out the answers for all the questions i've been asking to myself. huh...........................
i can be very "jiwang" sometimes. hahahahaha. idk, should i really let him go just like that? do i want to? ofcourse you dont answer for me but idk. i feel very very confuse & heartless right now. i could just hope that the All-Mighty Allah s.w.t would just give me some faith. i'm little girl but i got big things to think about because maybe i'm not like any other 14-year-old girl. HAHAH

~ well, just let fate decide

Wednesday, December 8


L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore

And love is all that I can give to you
Love, love, love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart but please don't break it
'Cause love was made for me and you
I said love was made for me and you
You know that love was made for me and you 

Tuesday, December 7


this girl :


Oh God, please let all my friends know that this Amira Sabri is not me ;( 

kenapa lah nama sama, muka pun lebih kurang. erghhhhhh! this is not me. okay, take note


I just got back from KK,Sabah. Well, home sweet home :)
KK is fine, boleh lah tkde lah best sgt. tp shopping acc dkat stu mg best! I bought Aqilah's birthday present there, & its very cute tau!

Kota Kinabalu & Kuala Lumpur -

KK texi drivers are much much more discipline. & the public toilets are very clean anywhere you go. The food are awesome! the shops are awesome-er! the mall are not that interesting. malay people there are quite arrogant. but chinese people are very friendly though ;)

But above it all, Istill love it here. Kl has everything! I'm glad :)

*Sooooooooooooooooo, Aqilah's birthday is coming, so there's so much questions to answer :

-dkt mana nk buat?
-siapa nk bwk mkn?
-siapa yang nk dtg?
-semua org free ke?

huhhhhhhhhh. how am i suppose to answer all of these questions when some of my close friends are very hard to contact. kesian aqilah, life dia tgh ssh tau, clebrate  lah birthday dia, carikan lah dia peluang jumpa yang tersayang.

Aiman kata : "yang awk asyk tolong org je knp? kita pun blum jumpa lg cuti ni. sibuk tlg org je......."
eeee biarlah b ni!

okayyy,ignore that :P I cant wait to see my friends! harapharap lah dorg semua boleh attend birthday qila. Rindu dorg sgttttttt :(