Sunday, December 4

They don't know

  • Yes, they don't know how it felt about missing someone really really bad. Trust me they don't.
  • They too don't know how hurt I am because all they care is about their guy
  • They don't know how worry I am to be in school next year because I know I'm going to end up all alone
  • They don't know how much I miss them because they never text me
  • They don't know how I struggle so much to meet my man
  • They don't know that I still love them eventhough I'm hurt
  • They just don't know anything do they?
  • Thats why I need to scream out loud
  • But I'm sure that one day, they will know these things
  • And they will understand
  • Then only they will realize how important is our friendship 
  • And they will love me as much as I love them ;)
  • Yeah, I know they will
  • Goodnight all


  1. awak kenapa sayang?

  2. okay, tp kenapa 'they' -,-

  3. nurul: mls lah nk tulis "she", hee
    bat: bknnn. kan aku dh bgthu kannnn?