Monday, January 2

Its new yeah

Dear people,

As you know, today is 1st of January 2012. Happy New Year! :D 
I'm not that excited but every person must have new hopes&dreams every new year. That includes me. 

2011 is a very tough year. There's so much bittersweet memories to be left memories. And there's also so much moments to be cherished. I want to summarize my 2011. Please finish it when you start reading.

  • For the first time, 2011 is the year that I didn't have recess with my dearest Hanna Ishak
  • I asked Shafiqah to join us in recess because she doesn't have any friend
  • We became very close to Zairil Zaidi as he dated two of my friends *you know who
  • We have some hard times with Aqilah too especially Sarah
  • I got my position back in my netball team
  • Zairil, Fakri& Aiman went to see us at Cochrane but ended up going back to Danau Kota walking 
  • Sarah met Fahmi, and Aiman Rimi, and Afiq Ashraf, and that's all
  • Nurul broke up and finally met Shafiq :)
  • Aqilah met Danial, heheheheh :D
  • Sarah became the most attractive girl in tuition class
  • Our relationship with Batrisyia&Ras Adiba never abandoned
  • I got jealous so much in 2011, haha
  • I became a firstimer in going out with friends
  • I met Aiman about 3times in December 
  • We got news that Sarah's moving to Sabah :(
  • I got Straight A's in PMR, Alhamdulillah :)
  • I started my guitar class after PMR
  • Every single yesterdays, I pray for the next day will be just fine ;)

So that's it :) For this year, 2012, I hope everything's gonna turn out fine. I'm not ready yet, but I will be. Wish me luck!

                                                                                                                            LOL, Miraa

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