Monday, January 16


Hello :)

Okay, school has been already two weeks. Let me tell you something. Biology is okay --' Chemistry is my favourite. Physics is ........ *well you know, physics is physics &Add Math is very fun :) That's my opinion. I don't know whats yours.

So, netball training will start after Chinese New Year school break. Can't wait man :D Sports training already started this week. Yes, I like sports, but darn I'm very lazy to go training. It's not like I'm going to be here during Sports Day this year right? So why bother? Huhhhh.

I just want to concentrate on my studies&netball :) &how about volley ball too. Hehe *Amira jgn tamak sgt :D I also want to participate in Kawad Kaki for Kadet Polis this year. That if there is a team, if there isn't, so I guess I have to foget about that.

I hope its going to be an incredible year this year. I hope we can do better in netball this year. Not winning is okay. At least we must try. I also pray for the best in my studies. Very scared. But then I'm sure it's going to be just fine.

Good Day :)

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