Sunday, January 8

Title the Untitled

Dear people, boys&girls, ladies&gentlemen,

How are you guys? I'm fine too :) So, it has been a while since I'd post anything. Very sorry for the silence.  I decided that I'm not going to continue my posting this way. If I want to write this way then I will, if I don't then I won't.

So, let me start my writing.
2012. I became a sixteen-year-old girl, hell yeah! haha :D I get into Science Stream class. It's 4Arif. First time we went to that class, dh mcm tungkang pecah okay --' sorry to say lah kan. It's a HUGE mess. But it's okay we understand, before leaving the school, we had a class party right? So it's forgiven. We cleaned up the class. After that there's this thing you did you know when you're choosing you Class Monitor. So, Khidir became our Class Monitor&Fathiah as his Asst. Monitor. Aqilah is voted to be the Treasurer &Bella The Head of Publicity&Cleanliness. So yeah that's it. I only became the AJK for P.Seni Visual since I'm very into art.

After that, recess time, bla bla bla, then we go home. Nothing much to write about my daily life actually. I repeat the same thing everyday, every week& every year since I'm in Standard 1 until next year.

It feels different without Sarah here with us this year&the other. But we just have to move on. Each&every one of us. Everybody has their life, &I believe everything that has happened is Allah's will. So I'm fine with it. I'm thinking of being better this year. There are things I didn't do for the past years, but I have to start doing it now since I'm getting bigger&wiser to think the best for myself.

So, I start reading newspapers. Don't be suprised, I'm not a big fan of reading okay. I tried to finish reading my novel by March this year. I'm trying to love my body, my skin, myself&take care of it very wisely. I try to speak&write in English more&more&more so that I can improve myself every now&then. I'll try my best to be the best person I can be, I need not for you to judge me so much. You can criticise me by saying it to my face, I'm gonna accept it sincerely. I have so much things to improve in myself&my life same as you do. Nobody's perfect. I think everyone is very fimiliar to that saying.

I'll wish the best everybody I know, especially for the ones I love. Doesn't matter if they ever did anything wrong or anything that hurts my feelings, I don't mind. I forgive&forget. I just have to start my everyday life with a smile&continue that with a laugh&end it with joy :)

                                                                                                                       xoxo, Miraa

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