Wednesday, November 24

My life

B to the O to the R-I-N-G. what's that spell? BORINGGGGGGGGGG ~

its been very hard lately. with hnna things going on & i'm still hoping that she'll be ready to meet me before aqilah's brthday. & now, ras had misunderstood.


i never hated you & i never wanted to never to see your face & i never meant what i told scha. && the thing that hurt me the most is that i never told scha what you told sara. you have mistaken me. huhhhhhhhh, tiring. i love you b & i always will no matter what you did to me. okay? okay


do you know? i actually kept most of my problems to myself. how stupid i am kan? but, it pleasures me when my loved ones did not felt worried about me & my life. So, i never brag.

Life could be very hard right now & it will be harder when we get older & older & older. but then, we still have to face it.
next year will be a lot of drama. trust me, i know people. for that, i really hope that i could change. you know, be quite, take care of others feelings, talk only when i have something to talk & just be comfort with the new me. its gonna be exciting next year. huh, cant wait.

~yours truly

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