Tuesday, December 7


I just got back from KK,Sabah. Well, home sweet home :)
KK is fine, boleh lah tkde lah best sgt. tp shopping acc dkat stu mg best! I bought Aqilah's birthday present there, & its very cute tau!

Kota Kinabalu & Kuala Lumpur -

KK texi drivers are much much more discipline. & the public toilets are very clean anywhere you go. The food are awesome! the shops are awesome-er! the mall are not that interesting. malay people there are quite arrogant. but chinese people are very friendly though ;)

But above it all, Istill love it here. Kl has everything! I'm glad :)

*Sooooooooooooooooo, Aqilah's birthday is coming, so there's so much questions to answer :

-dkt mana nk buat?
-siapa nk bwk mkn?
-siapa yang nk dtg?
-semua org free ke?

huhhhhhhhhh. how am i suppose to answer all of these questions when some of my close friends are very hard to contact. kesian aqilah, life dia tgh ssh tau, clebrate  lah birthday dia, carikan lah dia peluang jumpa yang tersayang.

Aiman kata : "yang awk asyk tolong org je knp? kita pun blum jumpa lg cuti ni. sibuk tlg org je......."
eeee biarlah b ni!

okayyy,ignore that :P I cant wait to see my friends! harapharap lah dorg semua boleh attend birthday qila. Rindu dorg sgttttttt :(

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