Wednesday, December 21

Bowl the ball

Dear people,

Yes, I'm going to post everything in this way after this, thank you for asking.

I went bowling today with Batrisyia, Ras Adiba, Amira Aqilah, Aiman&Safwan. Yes, it was a blast. Thank you guys. Hanna couldn't make it because she's at a camp. I'm not sure what the camp is for, but yes, its a camp. I wish Sarah could be there too, but as you know, she's at Sabah. It's impossible for her to come. But even though she's here, she still can't join us. Nurul was at Wangsa Walk too I believe but she didn't tell me so I didn't know. *How could you Nurul. 

At first, we played arcade games while waiting for the boys to arrive. They're late. Very late. But its fine for me. Its enough that they're there. We registered for our name at the bowling& we were number 12 but it took 1 hour to wait before playing. I went in last place for the 1st game, Ras won the 1st game. *Congrats Ras. I went 2nd place for the 2nd game, Aqilah won the 2nd game. *Congrats Qila. We can play again next time :)

I took pictures, not that much but there are some. I'll post it tomorrow. Okay? Thank you for reading.

                                                                                                              LOL, Mira


  1. erkkk -,- aku dah bgthu en aku ada date :( kau pun tk bgthu keluar hari yg sama. sedih kay sedih

  2. tp tkbgthu kau pergi mana ennnn :P