Monday, December 19

The light

Dear people,

Have you ever see me wear 'tudung'? If yes, that's good. I like seeing me wearing 'tudung' as well. Last time, it was on 7 December, I saw how Batrisyia wears her 'tudung' at my house. Its unique. It's something. Yeah, beautiful. I'm thinking about wearing 'tudung' every single day. When I saw someone wearing it, I'd be judging. Not judging her, but how she wears it. Sometimes I think that I should wear one. Aiman loves it when I'm wearing 'tudung'. But then, I'm still not sure. For me, if I want to wear it, it will be from my heart. & I wouldn't wear long tights or short sleeves shirt. I'd be wearing it with blouses, long sleeves tshirts, long dresses, long skirt& maybe baju kurung for Friday. That would be nice.

Things that I really hate is when people judge me just because I don't wear any 'tudung'. You know, if you're wearing one&still judging me, its not really like you wear one. My advice, if you're wearing a 'tudung', your heart should be nice. Then only it'll work. You can trust me about that.

You must be thinking why would I write these things in my blog. Well, its because I can't call everyone&tell this. That's why I wrote this. One day maybe, if I keep praying for my best, I know I will turn out just fine in being a 'Muslimah'. So, don't judge for who I am right now.

                                                                                                                       LOL, Miraa


  1. yes i also pray the best for you sis,hope WE can be a good muslimah oneday~ :)